Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wheatware Mediums

Okay so I'm a bit tardy in getting this blog off the ground. No excuses, I've just been occupied with other things. I'm trying to decide on an easy rating system to help weed the good picks from the bad. Unfortunately I haven't come up with anything more creative then a standard issue one to five model...of course with the lag time I've seemed to unintentionally built into this blog I have more then enough time to come up with something.

In the meantime here's a relatively recent addition to the pick market, Wheatware's biodegradable picks made from wheat 'bio-resin'. Wheatware claims it's products -which includes drum sticks and maracas- will biodegrade in about ninety days if placed in a "microbially-active soil or a commercial compost facility". I'll see if my wife's flower beds qualify and put that to the test.

The picks I ordered are their medium (1.00mm) in a standard shape. The picks have a smooth and somewhat slippery feel but there are some raised lettering to help with grip. They don't quite feel like plastic..more of a papery texture. The picks have a nicely rounded edge and a bit more flex than a 1.00mm pick that's made out of Delrin or Ultex.

Tone-wise they sound a little dark with a rounded off high-end. The Wheatwares sound good on an acoustic and are a perfect match for people who combine a flatpick with their fingers. I'd love to see a Wheatware thumbpick in the future.


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