Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun With Guitar Picks

My wife Jenn is not only a wonderful person who fully supports (puts up with?) my addiction for collecting guitar picks, but is also willing to help out when I come up with an 'on the spot' project. The project this morning was for her to take an old incense case we bought years ago at Cost Plus World Market and turn it into a glass topped pick case. With some cleaning, tacky spray glue, and a little cutting of felt she accomplished this in mere moments. 

Filled with a selection of picks from SeaPicks, Brossard, and Picks and Stones the result speaks for itself. Very very cool.

Thanks Jenn!

(Brossard Picks )
(Picks and Stones)


  1. Should I ask why you guys HAVE an incense case in the first place???

  2. You sometimes forget we spent several years as 'hipsters' in Portland. Fancy incense cases were up there with magnetic poetry, reclaimed junk yard furniture, and the ability to recite the McMenamins menu from memory. Terminator Stout on 'nitro' and a Wilbur Deluxe burger please and thank you.