Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to Picks Are For Kids!

When it comes to guitar picks I am without a doubt, completely and utterly insane. Almost as soon as I started playing guitar I became obsessed with finding as many different picks as I could. For me it was a cheap and easy way to recharge my playing and discover new sounds and techniques. There's also the bonus that guitar picks are super cool little bits of inspiration. From the beginning I was scanning the back pages of guitar magazines, trolling guitar shops, and asking any player I met what they used. When I started working behind the counter of my local guitar shop I examined catalogs, bugged sales reps, and grilled customers on whatever was the latest and greatest.

The intention of this blog is simple, showcase and review as many different picks as possible. From the mass-produced to the handmade, if it's possible to use it to play guitar you'll eventually read about it here. When possible I'll be sure to included pricing and availability.

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