Monday, June 1, 2009

Dunlop Green Tortex

Tortex is probably the single most popular material modern picks are made out of. For most guitarists their first pick is a Dunlop Tortex, more often then not the .88mm green in a standard shape. I think maybe it's the color... I know when I bought my very first handful of picks it was the green that caught my eye.

Tortex is Dunlop's twist on a material originally developed by DuPont and called 'Delrin'. Tortex has a somewhat tacky feel making them very easy to hang on to even with sweaty fingertips. Another strong point is their durability. No matter how much abuse, Tortex picks seem to last forever.

Tone wise the .88mm has a bright overall sound and a sharp attack. This has always been one of my favorite picks for playing rhythm on an acoustic guitar. It's a very controllable pick, able to handle everything from quiet and light to bash-fests without ever sounding to slappy or bashy.

For any guitarist starting out or someone just wanting a solid baseline for evaluating other picks, guitars, amps, or whatever, the .88mm Dunlop Tortex is an excellent pick to always have on you.


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